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Keynote Speakers

The REvaluation 2021 Conference proudly presents its first two keynote speakers: Paul Hünermund will hold a speech about science, technology & innovation policy and causality and Luke Georghiou will share his long-standing experience cross-cutting academia, policy and business.


Submission Extended

Spring was busy! Upon many requests, we decided to give you some more days to finalise your submission to the REvaluation 2021 Conference. We will accept your contribution until June 20. Please find a template and all submission information on our call page. Should there be any questions remaining, please drop a note to submission[at]


Planning a conference in the middle of a pandemic

Yes, despite the currently unpredictable dynamics, we want to plan our international conference to be held physically in late 2021. We are well aware of the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the fteval platform in its role as a networking organisation wants to take any occasion to be at service for its members …